Pet Resort “Can’t Find” Dog, But Family Spots Him Dead In Kennel

A family from Tucson, Arizona, said they made the biggest mistake of their lives after leaving their dogs at Buhrke’s Pet Resort. They dropped off their two healthy dogs thinking they would be in good hands, but the family was only able to take home one of them alive.
The family is accusing the pet resort of neglecting the dog, but the owner of the resort refuses to admit he did anything wrong. Now, dog lovers are supporting the family to ensure that no more dogs have to die tragically at this business.
Pet Resort Horror Story
Cesar and Carla Nava had their German Shepherd/Lab mix named Ella since she was a puppy. Their son grew up beside the 7-year-old dog, and she was an emotional support dog for Carla. When Cesar and Carla dropped off Ella and their other dog at Buhrke’s Pet Resort, they thought their furry friends would be safe, but they were very wrong.
When Cesar returned after a trip to pick up the dogs, he said everything seemed fine at first. He paid for the services, but then; the staff members couldn’t find the family’s dogs, so Cesar’s heart sank.
“I paid for my dogs’ visit and I went and waited for them to come back with my animal but they said he couldn’t find them,” said Cesar. “So I went back there myself to go look for my dogs. I found one of my German Shepherds and my other dog, my German Shepherd-Lab Mix. I found her on the ground dead and they didn’t even see her. They didn’t know that she was still back there.”
It looked like the dogs hadn’t been moved since they were dropped off. Cesar had requested they be kept in one big kennel together, but they were in separate kennels. Ella had no food, water, or portable A/C in her kennel, and the water dish looked like it had been dried out for a while. Cesar said she was dead and felt hard as a rock.
Bring Ella Justice!
The family rushed their dead dog to the vet for a necropsy, and they’re waiting for the results. In the meantime, the pet resort hasn’t done anything to help or comfort the Navas. The owner seems insistent that he and his employees did nothing wrong.
“It’s devastating to expect a wagging tail to greet you at the face of the kennel but instead find your dead best friend lying there,” Carla wrote on Facebook. “To top it off I left the owner a review and he replied with something along the lines of dogs die all the time, don’t blame it on his business and that we “refused” to get an autopsy but it’s funny because that’s the first thing we requested.”
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Marana Animal Control is currently investigating the situation, but this isn’t the first incident the business has been accused of. According to the online reviews, many people have rated it poorly for filthy kennels and sick/malnourished dogs, even before Ella’s death. In every situation, the owner seems to make up excuses instead of apologizing and making improvements.
While the family awaits the necropsy results, they’re mourning the loss of their furry friend. Ella had been there to support them for many years, and they never expected to lose her so suddenly.
Rest in peace, Ella. You’ll get the justice you deserve soon.
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