Sweet Senior Chihuahua Sent Cozy Sweaters After Losing All Her Fur

After a sweet senior Chihuahua was heartlessly cast aside after a disagreement between family members, rescuers at California’s Baldwin Park Animal Shelter found her to be in pretty rough shape. She had even lost most of her fur. 
But through the magic and connection of social media, this “naked pup” not only found a new loving family, but admirers from all over fell head over heels for her and started sending her handmade sweaters. 
Abandoned At A Rescue 
It was in October of 2017 that Blanche, a tiny, 14-year-old Chihuahua, suddenly found herself without a home. The sweet pup was surrendered out of spite and anger after a fight between a father and his adult daughter. 
He surrendered her to Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, where she was now searching for a new home in her golden years. Not only that, but it became extremely obvious that she had been suffering from the effects of neglect for a long time.
As a result, her health had taken a serious downward decline. Blanch was underweight, missing most of her fur, had overgrown nails, and was suffering severe dental problems. Senior dogs struggle to find new homes as it is, and those in need of procedures and prescription medications have even more trouble.
Before long, Blanche was scheduled to be euthanized. And on that very day, her former owner showed up, hoping to take her home. The rescue explained that for them to release Blanche, she was legally required to address all of her extensive medical issues, as well as being responsible for paying a $15 boarding fee for every day she had been staying at the shelter. 
She decided to leave Blanche behind, opting instead to fill out an application for a different dog at the shelter. Obviously, her application was immediately denied. Blanche had been abandoned again, and now she was facing certain death.  
Thankfully, just in the knick of time, Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue swooped in and saved her on the same day she was expected to be put down. She was taken to see a veterinarian later that day, and it was there that they discovered she had Cushings disease and mammary tumors that couldn’t be removed. 
The Magic Of Social Media 
Shortly after her diagnosis, the shelter shared a post requesting sweaters to keep Blanche warm and some special wet dog food to help her put on weight. Followers of the rescue immediately sprang into action, donating the funds for her food and sending cozy sweaters and hoodies her way. 
Slowly but surely, Blanche began to put on weight and regained her health. She also accumulated quite the collection of store-bought and hand-knitted sweaters from all over the country. Even once her hair grew in, Blanche sought to always be as cozy as possible, favoring warm blankets, toasty sweaters, and warm sunbeams.
The power of social media also helped Blanche find a loving, forever home. Her new mom saw many of the shelter’s status updates about Blanche and fell head over heels in love. Between her heartbreaking backstory and gorgeous little face, she knew she wanted Blanche and her extensive sweater collection to come live with her and her four other senior rescue pups. 
“My husband frequently questions if she’s really a senior because she has a lot of energy. Don’t give up on them [the seniors] — they still have a lot of life left in them and it’s really nice to see them come out of their shell after the shelter,” said Blanche’s new mom, Patricia. 
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