23 Neglected Dogs Escape Cramped, Feces-Filled House

23 dogs are excited for a new life after living in neglectful, unsanitary conditions. Several people reported severe abuse and neglect in the household, so officials entered and seized the dogs. What they witnessed was one of the worst neglect cases they’ve ever seen.
Despite being ignored by their owner, these dogs seemed happy to see humans and eager to be loved. It will take a while for them to recover from the pain they faced, but they’ll all find wonderful new homes soon. It’s heartbreaking that anyone would be okay with dogs living in these conditions.
A House of Horror
Rescuers are calling a house in Aguascalientes, Mexico, one of the most squalid and filthy environments they’ve encountered. The State Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROESPA), Amigos Pro Animal, and the Humane Society International (HSI) teamed up to save the 23 dogs in the house after several concerned individuals reported the situation.
Video footage of rescuers entering the home shows dogs with severe mats walking around on feces-covered floors. Many of the dogs were confined to small spaces with no food or water. HSI doesn’t know how long the dogs were left like that.
“These dogs had been left to fend for themselves in absolutely squalid conditions, some of the worst I have ever seen. Their paws were red and sore from standing in their own feces, many of the animals were emaciated and dangerously dehydrated. When we arrived, they were extremely excited to see us and desperate for attention,” said Felipe Márquez Muñoz, animal cruelty program manager at Humane Society International – Mexico.
The owner of the dogs voluntarily surrendered them. All 23 dogs were given emergency shelter funded by HSI Mexico.
The Dogs Deserve Better
Now, the dogs are receiving emergency veterinary treatment. They’re getting long-overdue baths and having their temperaments assessed. Once they’re in good shape, they’ll be put up for adoption.
“If we had not intervened, I dread to think what would have happened to them. Now they are getting the care they so desperately need and will have a chance to be adopted into loving families,” Muñoz added.
Sadly, cases like this in Mexico aren’t uncommon. PROESPA records show that 65% of the organization’s reports are related to animal abuse. Luckily, these dogs will get a second chance at happiness, but if you ever see animals facing neglect, report it. You could save those animals’ lives.
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