New Mama Carries Recently Birthed Puppy Into Street To Signal For Help

It’s no secret that most mothers would do just about anything to protect their children. Even moms who are quiet and calm in every other situation wouldn’t hesitate to let out their inner “mama bear” when their children are in danger.
That’s why it’s no surprise that a frightened, homeless mama dog named Jade did exactly what she thought was necessary to protect her precious family.
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It was Stephanie Brooks, a tourist visiting California from New Jersey, who first spotted Jade running in the road with one of her puppies in her mouth. She immediately texted Hope For Paws and asked for help. Hope For Paws is a non-profit organization that sends a small rescue team into the field to save animals suffering on the street, facing death, or in extreme danger. 
Aiming to arrive on scene before sundown, the rescue team headed straight to Jade without stopping for their typical take-out cheeseburger, a tasty tool they usually use to gain the trust of endangered animals. When they arrived, they saw Jade and her puppies lying under a small bush against a house. Stephanie had even placed a portable pet gate around the one-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier and her puppies.
Initially, Jade feared the worst. She growled and threw her body over her newly born babies as the rescuers approached. But with patience and gentle coaxing, the Hope for Paws team was able to convince her to go with them.
Image Credit: Loreta / Facebook
It was then that they were able to confirm that Jade had recently given birth to a litter of puppies and that sadly, the one she was carrying in her mouth had died.
“I believe the little girl who we named Citrine gave up her life to save the rest of her siblings. Without her, it’s possible momma Jade wouldn’t have been able to signal for help for her remaining babies Amber, Turquoise, Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, Amethyst and Diamond. Thank you Citrine for being their little Angel in the sky and guiding your mom to the right person for help,” shared Loreta of Hope For Paws.
Jade and her puppies were then transported to CARES animal hospital, where they were fed and given medical attention. While she was initially very anxious, Jade relaxed a bit after eating and nursing her puppies. However, the rescue could tell there was still something off with her. She was still acting like there was something wrong. 
Image Credit: Loreta / Facebook
The next morning, Hope For Paws received another call from Stephanie. A neighbor of hers had admitted that she took one of Jade’s puppies home with her, believing she could raise the puppy by herself. But after a long night of crying for her mother and going without food, the neighbor realized that she had made a huge mistake. She asked Stephanie to help her get the puppy back to her mother. 
Once reunited, Jade gave her previously lost puppy a sniff and immediately started tending to her. Despite being without any food for 15 long hours, Turquoise pulled through and made a full recovery. 
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While it wasn’t the wisest decision to take one of the puppies away from their mother so early, it showed a lot of bravery for the neighbor to admit their mistake and do what was best for Turquoise. This story could have ended much differently had they tried to hide their mistake.
Since receiving medical attention and then transitioning to foster care, Jade and all her puppies have found loving forever homes!
Image Credit: Loreta / Facebook
It’s incredible that despite living in New Jersey, Stephanie knew to call Hope For Paws. That means the LA-based rescue organization’s videos are having an impact all across the country! This is only possible because so many people like and share their videos. Please consider sharing this post on social media so more dogs like Jade have the chance of finding loving forever homes. 
Jade and her puppies’ rescue video is posted below, but be warned; you’re going to want to have tissues nearby. 

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