Rescue Puppy Falls In Love With Her Cheetah Cub Companion

Most female cheetahs give birth to three or four cubs. But sadly, if they only have one cub, they don’t produce enough milk for the young feline to survive. So, zoos and animal sanctuaries will often raise these baby cheetahs to give them a chance at life.
Yet, cheetah cubs are normally very shy, so they need lots of support to grow up strong and confident. Some zoos adopt puppies to raise with the cheetahs and be companions for them. The cheetah cubs see the puppies as siblings and can learn from them. That’s how Rozi and Daisy found each other.
Unlikely Friends Get to Know Each Other
The Wild Safari in Oregon had a pregnant cheetah who only gave birth to one cub. The staff members decided to send the baby cheetah to the Cincinnati Zoo because they have experience raising cubs from those situations. A few years ago, they took in a cheetah named Kris who had a similar story.
The zoo named the new cheetah Rozi (pronounced Rosie). The name Rozi means flower in Swahili. Rozi is about two months old, and she’s still a bit reserved like most cheetah cubs. So, the zoo adopted a puppy companion for her just like they did for Kris when she was a cub.
An adorable black puppy named Daisy is Rozi’s new friend. Daisy and her five litter mates were at Animal Rescue Fund, Inc., so the zoo decided to give a home to a puppy in need. Daisy is about a month older than Rozi, so she has a lot more energy than her feline companion. But the zoo says it normally takes time for cheetahs and dogs to feel comfortable around each other anyway.
“Currently, Daisy has a lot more energy than Rozi does, so the play sessions have to be shorter until Rozi gets more energy to match Daisy. There is about a month in age difference so this is understandable. The play sessions will get longer and longer as they start to get more acclimated to each other and eventually they will spend all their time together. Things are looking good for these future fast friends,” the Cincinnati Zoo wrote on Facebook.
Growing Together
Daisy and Rozi’s first interaction didn’t go perfectly. The feline seemed nervous around her energetic companion. Daisy kept trying to play with Rozi, but Rozi kept backing away and making adorable cheetah sounds. Luckily, the zoo’s staff members aren’t worried because friendships like this take time to develop.
After a few more interactions, Rozi and Daisy are feeling more comfortable around each other. Rozi is still a little intimidated, but she’s slowly learning from Daisy’s outgoing demeanor.
“Cheetah cub Rozi got to meet her puppy companion Daisy for the first time. It’s not always love at first sight during these early introductions, so everything is done slowly over time. There will be many more play sessions to help the two get acclimated to each other. Eventually, the cheetah will see the puppy as a sibling,” the zoo wrote.
Even though Rozi and Daisy are still getting to know each other, they’re already the cutest duo! If you want to see updates on their interactions, you can follow the Cincinnati Zoo on Facebook!
Watch Rozi and Daisy’s First Meeting:

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