Dog Escapes Pet Hotel And Travels 2 Miles To Ring His Own Doorbell

Choosing a safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation is crucial. However, even the most secure facilities can’t hold back some determined dogs. As soon as Jeremy and Sarah Henson left their dog, Dexter, at a Kansas pet hotel in February, the pup began planning his escape.
After Jeremy and Sarah left their home, they got a notification from their Ring doorbell. They were shocked to see that somehow, their dog was outside their home, despite them dropping him off not long ago. Luckily, the situation ended up being more funny than scary because Dexter is now safe!
Dexter Checks Out of Hotel on His Own
The couple brought Dexter to a popular pet hotel in Lenexa, Kansas, before going hiking at Mount Zion National Park. From there, they traveled to Las Vegas, and they were getting ready to explore. But a notification from their Ring camera interrupted them.
When they checked to see what movement the camera detected, they spotted a dog sitting outside their front door. At first, they assumed it was a different dog, but as they watched the pup, they knew it had to be Dexter.
“I activated the Ring doorbell to calm Dexter down. He looked excited and didn’t look freaked out,” Jeremy Henson said.
Jeremy talked to Dexter through the camera, and the pup eagerly listened to his voice. While Dexter waited patiently, Jeremy called some family members, and Sarah contacted the pet hotel. A blizzard was on the way, so they wanted to ensure their dog was safe before they resumed their trip.
A “Homeward Bound” Adventure
The dog hotel is about two miles from the Hensons’ home. Dexter had scaled a six-foot fence and a four-foot fence at the hotel and ran straight home from there. When he got home, he assumed his humans were still inside. He had no idea they were in a different state.
Within ten minutes of the couple’s call, someone from the pet hotel came to pick up Dexter, who was still sitting patiently by the camera. He jumped in the dog-sitter’s van without hesitation, and he stayed at the hotel for the rest of the time.
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“We always knew he was smart, it actually made sense he made it there,” Jeremy said. “He gets himself into trouble with how smart he is.”
When Jeremy and Sarah returned from their trip, Dexter was ecstatic. As soon as he saw his humans, he tackled them affectionately. Jeremy believes Dexter knew how to get home because they’ve taken him on many long walks, including a few past the hotel before.
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