Vocal Pit Bull Throws Adorable Tantrum At The Vet

Carl is not a fan of the vet, and he’s making sure that his human parents know it.
As responsible owners, we know we sometimes have to do things our dogs don’t like. Brushing teeth, baths, taking pills – things that are for the best for our dogs, even if they don’t understand it. That doesn’t mean they have to take it lying down, though, and they often don’t!
After an injury to his leg, Carl’s dutiful parents took him to the vet’s office, and Carl knows exactly where they are! But whereas some dogs might cause a scene, or even try to drag their owners out of the building, Carl is being a pretty good boy! This whining is nothing compared to some other tantrums we’ve seen!
You tell, ’em, Carl: “I’m here, but I don’t have to like it.” To drive his point home, he tops it all off with the silent treatment. That’ll show ’em!

We hear you loud and clear, Carl. You good boy, you.
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