Thief Sends Threatening Video Of Stolen Yorkie In Cage But Refuses To Return Him

Avery the Yorkie has lived with Raquel Witherspoon for three years. Witherspoon said the dog is like a son to her 12-year-old daughter, so she’s a proud canine grandmother. However, she never expected her family to be the next victim of the rising dog thefts.
Witherspoon said that Avery doesn’t normally go outside alone, but one mistake caused him to get stolen. Now, the family is desperate to get him back, but even after hearing from the thief, they’re just as worried as before. They’ll do anything to reunite with their furry friend again, even if it means paying a hefty ransom fee.
Thieves Caught on Camera
One Saturday night, Avery must have squeezed out through a cracked door because the family couldn’t find him anywhere. At first, they assumed he wandered off, but they were shocked after checking their doorbell camera footage.
According to the family, the security footage showed two strangers stealing the Yorkie from the front porch. A suspect with bright red hair picked up the dog and carried him away while a person wearing a backpack walked beside them.
“I can’t sleep. I’m just…just Avery is out there we just don’t know,” said Witherspoon.
The dyed hair makes it seem like it would be easy to identify the suspect, but Witherspoon said police haven’t been very helpful. She filed a police report but was told there was nothing they could do. So, she made fliers with pictures of the lost dog and the thieves and posted them all over town.
Held for Ransom
Shortly after she put up fliers, Witherspoon received a text from someone claiming to have Avery. The messages were threatening and profane. They even sent a video of Avery in a cage as proof. Then, they asked for a ransom of $1,200.
Of course, the ransom amount was ridiculous, but Witherspoon didn’t see any other option. She wanted her dog back no matter the cost. So, she agreed to pay the ransom over the phone, but the person on the phone cursed at her and hung up without giving any details.
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Witherspoon reached out to news reporters to make her story public. A news station made sure the Prince George’s County Police was aware of all the information regarding the theft. A detective is now helping Witherspoon find the people responsible.
Witherspoon is certain someone knows something about her dog’s disappearance. Hopefully, anyone with information will do the right thing and notify the police. Avery deserves to return to his loving home as soon as possible.
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