50 Amazon Prime Items Only A Crazy Dog Person Would Own

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You don’t just love your dog; you LOVE your dog! And when someone obsesses over pups the way you do, the best description to fit you has to be Crazy Dog Person. And we love you for your devotion to dogs, so we’ve created a list of the Amazon Prime products that only the craziest of dog lovers will dig. Seriously, only the most zealous of the dog people need apply! And if people don’t understand how deep the connection between you and your dog runs, then pish posh on them! That means there’s more cute dog stuff for you to buy if they aren’t shopping for it.
Let your dedication to the canine kind have control of the credit card for a while and get to shopping! Your dog will be jumping for joy when the Amazon boxes start rolling up the driveway.
If You’re Bonkers For Pups, You Need These 50 Amazon Prime Items for Dog Lovers
#1 – Cedar Crate Market “Sorry the Dog Farted” Candle 

Because we know the truth about living with dogs, let’s start our list of Amazon Prime products for dog lovers super fancy with a candle that will extinguish the aroma of your dog’s flatulence. With scents of orange, goji berry, and mango to fight the stench, doggy fart clouds don’t stand a chance!

#2 – iHeartDogs 3-in-1 Probiotic for Dogs

Help the fart clouds dissipate with our 3-in-1 chews. These soft and tasty chews contain probiotics, pumpkin, and papaya to improve digestion and promote gut health. And our treats are always grain-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Better digestion means less stinky toots later!

#3 – iHeartDogs Crazy Dogs Live Here Dog Garden Flag

Destroy the dreaded ding-dong with a cute garden sign that puts the truth out there. Chances are, you’ll like your guests much better when they don’t drive the dogs nutty with the doorbell!

#4 – iHeartDogs Silicone Wine Glasses

You know what’s important in life and these “tail-proof” wine glasses capture your beliefs just right! And because they won’t break, you can consume responsibly while sitting by the pool or at the beach, on a picnic, and even on a camping trip. You can also feel good with every sip because these silicone lovelies feed hungry dogs.

#5 – Pup Light and Pups Blue Ribbon Plush Squeaky Dog Toys

While you’re sipping your favorite libation from your silicone wine glass, let your pup kick back with a chewy one. It’s responsibly squeaky fun!

#6 – “Tell Your Dog I Said Hi” T-Shirt for Women

The only friends you care about making have four paws and a tail. And this fun shirt makes its way onto our Amazon Prime products for dog lovers because it politely spreads the word that you’d rather talk to dogs!

#7 – Primitives by Kathy “Dogs Welcome” Word Box Sign

And on the subject of preferring the company of dogs to people…this sign also makes it clear to your human guests that they were lucky to get an invite to your house! Plus, the clean design complements any decor style while standing out too.

#8 – Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

Because your dog goes everywhere with you – so do messes. Save your sanity and upholstery by giving those dirty paws a quick dip!

#9 – Waterproof Trunk Cargo Floor Mat for Dogs

When your dog is super messy and muddy, save your car from dirt disaster with this foldout liner. It’s large enough to cover the rear of any SUV, including the wheel wells. Plus, the whole thing is waterproof and will keep your dog out of the front seat.

#10 – Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Microfiber Doormat

Here’s something else cute to help catch messes—a microfiber floor mat that soaks up mud and water, so you don’t have to get out the mop every time you come home from a walk.

#11 – Dawg Grillz Dog Balls Toys

When you love dogs, the silly things they do bring joy to your heart. Since dogs get goofy over chasing balls, have some fun and laugh at the toothy grins these fun balls will create.

The fun is just getting started! Scroll for more Amazon Prime products for dog lovers!
#12 – Hunger for Words Talking Pet Starter Set – 4 Piece Set Recordable Buttons for Dogs

Have you ever wished your dog could speak? With these recordable buttons, your pup can. Seriously, how cool is it that your dog can step on a button and tell you just what they need! All it takes is a little training and patience to make “speaking” happen! Button set comes with a step-by-step teaching guide filled with tips and insights. 

#13 – DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier

Keep your beast contained to the backseat with this handy net guard. If your dog rides with you most places but won’t stay put, this barrier will make for a much smoother ride for you and your bestie. And you’ll get some laughs when your pup mushes its face into the mesh!

#14 – Every Dog Matters Car Paw Magnet

You think every dog is incredible, and we do too. When you buy this magnet, you and iHeartDogs are working together to feed hungry pups. Plus, it’s gonna be super cute on whatever magnetic surface you decide to stick it.

#15 – Star Pups Coffee Dog Toy Pup’kin Spice Latte

You’re not the only one who loves a latte treat. Let your pup be just like Mom and give them a squeaky coffee plush to chew while you’re having your morning sip! It will be the best coffee date you’ve ever had.

#16 – KEDRIAN Dog Mom Tumbler 

For that coffee date with your pooch, pour thirty ounces of your favorite brew into this adorable tumbler for dog moms.

#17 – PetSafe Drinkwell Gallon Fountain for Dogs

Stale, still water in a boring bowl? Not for your precious pup! Make hydration fresh and fun with a water fountain that encourages dogs to drink more water.

#18 – iHeartDogs 9-in-1 Calming Chews for Dogs

When your dog is acting crazy, tell them to chill with a tasty treat. Our calming dog treats promote tranquility while improving digestion through a blend of powerful, trusted ingredients, including organic hemp powder, melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, valerian root, and probiotics. These yummy soft chews ease anxiety, aid sleep, and tamp down restlessness. And as always, iHeartDogs treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Plus, they’re made in the USA. 

#19 – KILIN Dog Lick Pad

After you’ve calmed your pup with a hemp snack, give them something to do with this lick mat! When you live with dogs, you’ve got to figure out the best ways to make life easy for you both, and this neat little mat will give you a leg up when you need to deal with bathtime, visitors, or any moment when your pup needs distracting.

#20 – iHeartDogs Dog Food Topper

Your dog needs something to try on their new lick mat, so grab a bag of our tasty food topper and give it a whirl! We think your pup will love this delicious addition to dinner because dogs can’t resist all-natural, fresh ingredients like cage-free Arkansas chicken, grass-fed pasture-raised Texas beef, and superfood fruits and veggies. And you can trust the quality as we make our toppers in the USA with human-grade food. 

#21 – “Welcome We Hope You Like Dogs” Farmhouse Door Sign

This cute welcome sign kindly greets guests while informing them your doggos rule the house! And if your guests don’t like the furry ones, maybe they should just leave.

#22 – Casfuy Foldable Dog Pool

You know what your special dog needs to beat the heat? Their very own pool! Spoil your pup with a splashing good time in a pool that collapses and folds away when the water fun is done.

#23 – Every Dog: A Book of Over 450 Breeds 

Nothing says dog weirdo like having an encyclopedia of dog breeds on your coffee table. It’s a perfect conversation starter that allows you to weed out your fellow dog lovers in a hurry.

#24 – iHeartDogs A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Artisan Dog Angel Tree Topper

You aren’t a crazy dog person if you don’t have a holiday tree dedicated to the canine kind! And you know what you need for the top of your dog tree? A beautiful doggy angel tree topper that decks your halls while giving back to dogs in need. Thirty shelter dogs will know the goodness of a healthy meal for every angel dog purchased.

#25 – “My Pet Is Home Alone” Double-Sided Embroidered Canvas Keychain

Thinking about a devastating emergency is no fun, but it is necessary to have precautions in place, just in case. If something happens to you while you’re out, this keychain will alert responders that you have a furkid at home who will need care.

#26 – iHeartDogs Pet Alert Stickers 4-Pack

To double your protection efforts, pick up some of these window stickers so first responders know there are furry family members inside the house in the event of an emergency.

You’re halfway there, and we bet the cart is filling fast with all these Amazon Prime products for dog lovers!
#27 – “Every Snack You Make I’ll Be Watching You” Personalized Dog Mug

Another Amazon Prime product that screams dog lover, we dare you not to get one of these personalized coffee mugs for yourself and another for a friend who has a staring dog problem too!

#28 – Primitives by Kathy Rustic Dish Towel

Your dog really wants you to remember the truth of this statement, so they want you to pair this adorable dish towel with the coffee mug above and never forget it. Not that you could with doggy eyes boring into your soul with every bite you eat!

#29- “The Cook is Not Responsible for Dog Hair in Your Food” Wall Sign

Whether you call it hair, glitter, or confetti, dog fur is a fact of life in your home. And because you love your dog, this cute sign lets everybody know they can get used to fur in their food or move out!

#30 – ChomChom Reusable Pet Hair Remover

No list of Amazon Prime products for dog lovers is complete with a lint roller of some kind. But now, you can forget sticky adhesive lint rollers and whip out this deluxe hair and lint remover when life gets hairy. And, even better, this heavy-duty hair catcher is reusable and easy to clean. No more sticky sheets to throw away!

#31 – Dog Mom Car Magnet

And because you spend your life covered in dog fur, tell the world your heart and hairy clothes belong to a super special dog with this adorable magnet.

#32 – YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier 

If your little furkid insists on always coming along, tuck them into one of these swell slings and appease their neediness while leaving your hands free to function. It’s a clingy pup’s delight!

#33 – Cavertin Women’s Dog Lover Novelty Socks

These fun socks come in a gift box, making them an excellent present for a fellow dog lover. But when your dogs are barking at the end of the day, you might just want to slip into these comfy socks and keep them for yourself.

#34 – iHeartDogs Dog Birthday Girl Bandana & Picture Frame Magnet Set

When it’s time to celebrate the birthday girl, tie your furry girl into this cute pink bandana and snap a pic to put under the matching magnetic photo frame.

#35 – iHeartDogs Dog Birthday Boy Bandana & Picture Frame Magnet Set

The birthday boy needs a bandana and magnetic frame, too! Bre prepared to celebrate every fur kid with both bandana/frame sets.

#36 – Rescue Pup Keychain

Do you have a cute dog keychain? If you don’t, then you will once you receive your Rescue Pup Keychain. It’s just one more adorable accessory that proclaims your status as a crazy dog lover!

#37 – iHeartDogs Brushy Sticks

But wait! Before you begin the birthday and adoption celebrations, give your dog a brushy stick for fresh breath before you get covered in loving and grateful kisses! Just by chewing on this tasty chicken dental stick, your pup will remove plaque and tartar buildup from their teeth while parsley works to freshen breath. With just one or two sticks a day, maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene has never been easier.

#38 – iHeartDogs Oral PROBIOTIC Dental Water Additive for Dogs

This water additive will also help to freshen up those doggy kisses! Add some to the water dish to unleash targeted enzymes and oral probiotics to combat the unhealthy odor-causing bacteria that swim in your pup’s water bowl and mouth. Aloe and essential oils also work on freshening bad breath and soothing inflamed gums in a non-toxic formula that leaves dog mouths minty clean.

#39 – MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

Part of being a doting dog parent means always packing snacks and drinks for the furkid when you’re on the go. And this clever water bottle allows your dog to get a sip right from the bottle, so you don’t have to haul a bowl with you. One less thing in your bag means a lighter load to carry!

We’re not done yet! Keep going for more Amazon Prime products for dog lovers!
#40 – iHeartDogs Artisan Shadow Solar Lantern

Our adorable Artisan Shadow Solar Lantern casts beautiful patterns on the ground, giving you an uplifting light display full of suns, sunflowers, and paws when the night falls. Solar power also means no batteries and no charging plugs. And while you’re gazing at the lovely light, know that seven hungry dogs received a hearty meal thanks to your purchase!

#41 – iHeartDogs Solar Wind Chime – ‘Dogs Light Up My Life’

Your dog lights up your life like no one else, and that’s the vibe these cute solar chimes aimed to capture. When the sun sets, the rainbow paws light up and sway in the night breeze. It’s a light show meant just for you and your dog!

#42 – iHeartDogs ‘Pathway To My Heart’ Solar Stake Lights

Match the rainbow paw solar chimes with this cute solar paw garden stake. Just like the chimes, the paw will light up automatically when the sun goes down, giving you a changing LED rainbow all night long.

#43 – iHeartDogs Allergy & Itch Relief for Dogs

If hanging out in the yard and watching solar lights at night makes your dog itchy, save the day and stop the scratching with these veterinarian-formulated chews. Crafted with Salmon Oil, Quercetin, Colostrum, and Reishi Mushrooms, our proprietary blend of natural ingredients boosts your dog’s immune system while helping relieve seasonal, food, and environmental allergies. These allergens can cause itching, sneezing, scratching, skin irritation, and paw chewing. These soft chews also contain a probiotic blend to promote healthy digestion. 

#44 – DASH Dog Treat Maker

Do you like to bake for your furbaby? Of course, you do! It’s one of the reasons you’re perusing this list of Amazon Prime products for dog lovers. So, listen up, canine-loving chefs, your dog definitely thinks you need one of these biscuits bakers to help you make more and more tasty treats!

#45 – iHeartDogs AgriChew – Tough Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

While baking in the kitchen, you’ll indeed have furry assistance. And because your helper will be drooling all over the place dreaming of the snacks to come, give them this tough chew toy with a tasty treat inside for chewing delight while they oh-so-patiently wait.

#46 – iHeartDogs Sniff Diggy Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Keep your pup’s sniffer and their smarts sharp with our Sniff Diggy Snuffle Mat toy. A toy designed to boost cognitive development and alleviate boredom, this mat toy will become a quick favorite for your dog because it’s fun that brings food and excitement! All you have to do is tuck kibble bits or treats in the fabric scraps and turn your dog loose. When the snuffling gets messy, just toss the mat in the washing machine.

#47 – iHeartDogs Your Dog’s Very Own Sock Monkey

What can we say? Everyone, dogs included, loves a sock monkey to cuddle!

#48 – 1000 Piece Puzzle – 101 Pooping Puppies

Don’t think we’re letting you get away without some mention of dog poop! Sure, we discussed the doggy fart, but not the dirty business. But don’t worry, the only mess you’ll have to pick up this poopy puzzle is piles of interlocking pieces. Celebrate some of what dogs do best with this puzzle of 101 pups doing their number twos.

#49 – iHeartDogs “Dogs & Wine Make Everything Fine” Silicone Wine Glasses 

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, didn’t this list already cover silicone wine glasses?” Yeah, it did, but unwinding with your favorite beverage is always essential, so you need several sets of glasses in the cabinet. And our silicone wine glasses aren’t just cute and functional, they also help feed hungry dogs.

#50 – Custom Double-Sided 3D Pillow

And finally, nothing says Crazy Dog Person better than a 3D pillow customized to look like your pooch. Won’t your couch look cute stacked with pillows that pay homage to your darling dog? Of course, it will, so go ahead and put one in your Amazon cart!

Once your pillow is picked out and personalized, go ahead and throw some more of these Amazon Prime products for dog lovers in your cart. Because you’re devoted to all things canine, we realize you probably already have a bunch of these goodies. But if you want to splurge on more, we won’t tell! In fact, our cart is already jammed full and ready for checkout.
Now, you have a doggone good time shopping!
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