Moose Shows Up To Guys Yard, Lays Down And Miracles Happen

WARNING: Video Footage May Be Sensitive for Some Viewers.
Like many animals, moose are protective over their young. Baby moose are so tiny and delicate during their first seconds of life. Moving around and standing on their long, skinny legs is a struggle. So, that’s why moose moms carefully select a place to give birth. This particular mother has found comfort in an Alaska man’s yard for 6 years now!
The Miracle of Life
This moose mom first chose the man’s yard to give birth because he was kind to her. He gave her space and he even offered her an apple when she needed it. The man showed her nothing but respect as she rested in his backyard, ready to welcome her new baby into the world.
Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry YouTube
Now, year after year, she returns to his yard when she’s ready to give birth in a safe space. This time was extra special because two girls got to witness it. They were able to film the incredible event from a safe distance. Later, Levi Perry posted the video on YouTube, saying “only in Alaska” would you see something so beautiful.
The video starts with the mom giving birth to a tiny baby. It’s a bit gross at first until the little moose starts to move on his own. He looks around and stretches out his legs. It takes him a few moments before he moves around, but soon, he’s ready to take on the world.
Soon, the mom comforts the newborn moose. She grooms him, helping make his coat clean and soft. The people are so in awe by the heartwarming scene that they don’t realize a second moose is on the way. It isn’t captured in the video, but the mom gives birth to a second calf while she’s caring for the first one.
Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry YouTube
Adorable Baby Moose Twins Learn to Walk!
Once the babies are groomed, they look much softer and much bigger. Soon, they decide that it’s time to walk. Baby moose can usually walk within only hours of their birth, but it’s not graceful at first.
The first baby stretches out his long legs, trying to stand up a few times. Yet, he topples over on more than one occasion. Later, the other calf tries, and he stands up straight for a few seconds. His legs look way too long for his body, but it’s extremely adorable. Sadly, he also topples over not long after. Luckily, mom is right there to comfort them.
Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry Facebook
The video only shows 6 minutes of the moose calves’ life, so it’s clear that they still have a lot of learning to do. Hopefully, the mom will return again next year to deliver more beautiful calves. After all, it’s clear that she feels comfortable in the presence of these humans. This video just goes to show that being kind to an animal is such a rewarding experience.
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Featured Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry YouTube
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