Twinning with your dog – 15 Of The Cutest Ideas With Your Dogily Accessories

Whether you’re heading to a photoshoot, or you’re just a little extra, sometimes you need stuff that twins with your dog. Accessories for your dog? Heck yeah!

So this may be news to some of you, but I like a little bit of luxury. A pinch of designer, a super supple leather… y’know. I work hard, every now and then a nice thing is a good thing.

Well, when Dogily reached out to me about this opportunity? I finally seen my golden opportunity time to get a little extra.

I usually test more for form and function for things like harnesses! But this seemed like a fun departure from the norm, and here it is! Because sometimes we need to be chic and sophisticated dog moms too.

This is a sponsored post paid for by Dogily! As always, my opinion is true and honest!

What Comes In The Dogily Set!

When it arrived, my first thought was “Gosh, this feels like I’ve just gotten a delivery from Mulberry” – my mum is absolutely obsessed with quality handbags and this felt like their packaging. Strong, sturdy, and classy – definitely luxury vibes!

I unboxed my little trio of boxes and what I received was;

a Scrunchiea Square silk Scarfa Hair scarf

This is one of my favourite looks for shelby. I grabbed the large square scarf, folded in half and rolled it longways, and tied it into the cutest little scout-style scarf – ugh – aren’t these gorgeous silk accessories perfect for expressing your dog’s individuality?

Weirdly, I’ve had a craving for a s-crunchie for a while (there’s a joke in this if you’re British I swear), seriously though, I have wanted a scrunchie for a while! This is a wonderful ‘double layered’ style scrunchie that actually grips really well for my hair.

With all of these products being a wonderful feeling silk? The feeling of luxury was not something that stopped at the packaging!

Why would you want dog accessories?

For me, this is social time with my dogs! Whether I’m looking at a photoshoot, or a promenade around the town and a quick drink in the local pub – these are great little tokens to show bond and affection between you both, oh – and that you’re the best and most fashionable dog mum (or dog mom) in town.

That said! These are probs not hike friendly.

A note about dog accessories, outfits & clothes

Whilst this may look freaking adorable, not all dogs like clothes and accessories, others love them. But you absolutely can train a positive association with these items by using treats and possibly counter conditioning and desensitization. Always look out for signs of stress!

Ideas For Your Dog’s Accessories

If your dog is graced with gorgeous long ears like Shelby? This makes for a super pretty shot! This doesn’t tend to be the most comfortable option, so get this shot quickly!

1 – The Ear Bow (Hair Scarf)

This works great for our floppy ear woofs. Nab the “how to tie a bow tie” instructions and instead of doing a big ‘ol human neck, do a petite little ear bow! It’s so cute, it may not stay on long because of the nature of ears and flappy ear shakes – but for a couple of pictures? You may just get the most adorable shots (and has the added bonus of making some of our slightly more robust looking girls look more feminine!)

2 – Collar Bow (Hair Scarf)

Similar to above, but use a collar loop instead of an ear. Works really well for boys and girls! The only misfortune here is that it’s not quite stiff enough to do a proper bow-tie look for boys.

the “Girl scout” tie, super adorable option for your dog, Shelby’s showing off how pretty she looks in her scarf, you can do this with the bandana or the hair scarf – this isn’t a collar replacement and is not safe for a leash attachment

3 – Girl Scout

Personally, I think this is my fave, because it’s different. Everyone wears bandanas! So why not let’s go a little different?

You can do this one really simply with either the hair scarf or the square silk scarf, just if you do want to do the square scarf, fold diagonally and roll it to get the same look.

4 – Dog Bandana

Fold in half diagonally, and tie (loosely!) around your dogs neck. If it seems a little long, you can roll the broad end down a little and tie neatly.

This one is pretty standard by now, right? dogs in

5 – Chic Collar

Though, it’s good to note that the scarf ring is totally optional, though does make it a gorgeous addition, no?

6 – Babooshka

Before you (or I) burst into Kate Bush’s rendition – just check out how freaking cute your dog can be looking like this. You may want this for a temporary quick shot for a camera (your dog may not like this for sustained wear!)

Ideas For Your Dogily Products For You!

1 – In Your Braid

Use a bobbypin to secure it for a moment, and braid it into your hair! Super cute, and effective too. You can also do this and tie it into a hairband too, by undoing the bobby pin and securing it back to itself! My hair was too long to do this, sadly.

2 – Around a bun

I love using the hair scrunchie for this one. Essentially, I grab a hair donut, put my hair in a ponytail where I want the bun to be, put the donut down to the base of that ponytail and pull straight up, twirling it back down to my head to ensure my hair covers the whole donut. Then, when it’s in place, a couple of bobbypins and add the scrunchie or the hair scarf for a super cute effect!

3 – The Pony tail

This one is a super simple option which you can use any of your accessories, whether you put a scrunchie around your ariana grande style high pony, or you have a long hanging elegant scarf – this one is just a gorgeous option for you.

4 – Neck Tie

If you’ve got a gorgeous long neck, this is for you, or if you’re wearing a collared shirt? Also great! Tie the hair tie or scarf the same as you would a cravate or tie to get a really cute effect.

My hat and purse accessorised to show you guys options that you might want to consider! Personally? I love the bag accessory!

5 – On a hat

You can either replace the regular band, or add in your own with this gorgeous silk accessories, see it on my straw hat here? We’re beach chic ready!

6 – On your purse

I love doing this, if you’re not the most flashy dog parent but you really want to give this a go? This can be super cute and subtle. Not many people notice, but those who do? They’re your people.

Or – uh – upgrade that treat pouch, Mary! #treatpouchchic (gosh I’m a nerd, and I so wish I was sorry!)

7 – Rosie-The-Riveter Style Headband

Rosie the riveter is an icon, so why not match her iconicality with your own nod to the strong pin up girl?

8 – Simple Bracelet

If you’re again looking for subtlety, this one may be for you. I like using the hair scarf for this because it comes out less bulky. But feel free to do you! I love this because it’s a cute nod.

Don’t forget the leash!

Again, if you’re looking for the cutest promenade opportunity? Maybe you want to tie this cutely onto your favourite leash to ensure to get all the attention at the dog park!

Twinning With Your Dog, Brought To You By Dogily!

You’ll be seeing these a lot more in my photographs I expect! When we’re coming into more urban shoots (likely winter!) I’ll be pulling these out because they give a wonderful, but subtle tie between dog and owner – like a badge of honour, or an expression of your mutual adoration and demonstration of bond.

One thing to mention, is that I did find that this worked better with Shelby because she was a ‘solid colour’ coat, Indie’s Sable coat and Lucy’s Ticked coat (that’s the fancy named for speckled and splotchy) didn’t work quite as well as the solid red that Shelby gave us.

If you love the look of these? head over to Dogily! We got the Serene set in black and cream, sized Large – because my woofs are all big woofs.

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