Authorities Offering $25,000 After Dog Deliberately Shot With Arrow

When it comes to luck, no pup has more than a little Chihuahua named Tiffany Grace.
It’s an absolute miracle that this sweet girl not only survived an intentional injury that barely missed her vital arteries, but now she’s living her best life with her new mama, who adores her. 
When a woman was startled awake by the sounds of a dog yelping outside, she certainly didn’t expect to find a tiny, four-month-old Chihuahua in a near-death state. The poor pup had been shot with an arrow that went completely through her neck. An awful act of animal cruelty had been committed, and then she was just left to die. 
“For someone to willfully shoot this poor pup with an arrow is disgusting. We are shocked, and we hope someone can provide us any information as to who did this,” said Animal Services Director Erin Gettis.
But luckily, help immediately came to her side, and they didn’t hesitate to get her to Coachella Valley Animal Campus as quickly as possible. There, she had life-saving surgery to remove the arrow. Despite it being a deliberate act of violence, the arrow miraculously missed all of her vital arteries.
“I cannot imagine why anyone would do something so terrible to such an innocent creature. It’s very sick,” said veterinary technician Emily Ellison.
How Was Her New Mom Chosen? 
Once word of Tiffany Grace and her miraculous story made its way into the community, many people expressed their interest in adopting her. So, the rescue asked all 100 of the interested families to write a letter explaining why they wanted to be her new loving, forever family. Out of everyone, it was Lyn Thornton who was chosen.
“She wrote us a compelling letter and shared that she has a great relationship with her veterinarian, has adopted senior dogs and challenging medical-case dogs previously. She was going to keep in touch with us and has been an animal ambassador and advocate for shelter dogs in Riverside County,” shared the shelter.
Now, Tiffany Grace is living the life of her dreams, with a family who adores her. With luck like hers, it’s too bad she can’t buy a lottery ticket!
$25,000 Reward For Information 
After hearing about what happened to poor Tiffany Grace, the Michelson Found Animals Foundation made the highest reward offer that has ever been received by the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. They hope that the substantial reward of $25,000 will encourage someone to come forward and help them identify who committed this reprehensible crime.
Anyone with information about who harmed this puppy is asked to please come forward and contact the Riverside County Department of Animal Services at (951) 358-7387 or

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