Cyclists Pause Their Trip To Rescue Pit Bull Stranded On The Verge Of Death

Every Monday night, a group of cyclists known as “Smash Bros Plus One” bike around Fort Worth, Texas. Their plans are usually consistent, but every once in a while, they go on a spontaneous adventure. One special biking trip ended up with the saving of a dog’s life.
One week, the cyclists decided to go on an 80-mile adventure to Dallas and back. Yet, they had to stop about 30 miles into their trip when they came across a woman frantic for help. When they asked her what was wrong, she showed them a Pit Bull stranded on a support beam, unable to move on her own.
In the Right Place at the Right Time
When nearing a bridge on their way to Dallas, the cyclists saw the woman, who had stopped her car and was trying to wave people over. She kept yelling that a dog needed help. At first, the cyclists were cautious, but they decided to see what was happening.
The woman pointed out the Pit Bull mix was stranded on a concrete support beam just below the road. She was about 15 to 20 feet above the ground, so she had no way to get up or down. Someone likely dumped her there.
“There’s no way she could have gotten there herself and there’s no way she could have gotten out herself,” said Abbey Robinson, the only woman in the cycling group. “The look on her face was despair.”
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As the cyclists were figuring out a way to get to the dog, a handyman pulled over to see what the commotion was about. He happened to have a ladder in his vehicle. So, cyclist Chris Williamson climbed down the ladder to be near the dog. He spent about 15 minutes sitting by her, trying to earn her trust.
Once the dog seemed comfortable around him, Williamson picked her up and passed her to the people above him. They cradled her like a baby and gently set her down. The pup seemed relieved to finally be safe.
Ready for a Loving Home!
Someone called animal control, who came to the bridge to scan the dog for a microchip. She didn’t have one, but local shelters were overflowing, so the cyclists decided they would find a safer place for her to go. They eventually got in touch with Saving Hope Rescue, which was able to find a foster home for her.
“Our intake is closed due to a need for more foster support, but how on earth could we say no to Good Samaritans effectively playing the part of experienced animal rescuers? We said yes to taking the dog into our care,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote on Facebook.
The rescuers named the Pit Bull Moriah Wilson after the professional cyclist who was recently murdered in Austin. They refer to the pup as Moriah or “Mo” for short. Mo is now settling in nicely in her foster home, and it’s all thanks to the kind cyclists who decided to stop and help in any way they could.
Many rescues and shelters have more dogs than they can handle right now. So, please consider donating to Saving Hope Rescue to help support dogs like Mo.

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