Dogs From This Shelter Have A Habit Of Saving Their Humans’ Lives

Gateway Pet Guardians in East Saint Louis, Illinois, work hand-in-hand with their community to keep families together and prevent owned pets from entering an already crowded shelter system. Since their inception in 2004, they have drastically decreased the local stray population through spay/neuter programs, low-cost pet food, affordable veterinary care, and other initiatives that keep dogs and cats safe at home.
Recently, two dogs rescued by Gateway Pet Guardians proved just how valuable a furry companion can be. Jack and Peyton each helped save the lives of the humans who took them in.

Jack Smells Trouble
A generous young woman named Aisha decided to open her heart and home to a foster dog. She went to Gateway Pet Guardians, where she was matched with a playful pooch named Jack. The brindle and white pup suffered from severe stress caused by living in a shelter environment. He was placed on the “urgent” list, meaning he needed to find a foster home ASAP.
When staff met Aisha and learned she was eight months pregnant, they thought Jack would be a perfect fit. At just a year old, Jack is described as gentle, loving, and great around children and other dogs. In other words, the perfect pup for a growing family.

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It wasn’t long before Jack proved they were right to place him with Aisha. The ordinarily calm dog became agitated one day and started nudging his nose up under Aisha’s belly. In between nudges, he would whine and head towards the car.
Aisha knew something must be off, so she trusted Jack’s instinct and headed to the hospital. There, doctors confirmed that the baby had turned into a head-down position, causing a low heart rate and cutting off essential nutrients. Thanks to Jack, the problem was caught early, and Aisha received the medical care needed to save her baby’s life.

“This handsome hero’s adoption fee is covered and he is looking for a forever home. Until then, Jack will be at Aisha’s side to watch over mom and baby.” – Gateway Pet Guardians
Peyton Saves The Day
As if one canine lifesaver wasn’t enough, yet another Gateway pooch had a paw in rescuing her humans from danger.
This past December, a woman named Choni was awakened by the barking of her adopted dog, Peyton. It was very early in the morning, so Choni shushed Peyton and tried to go back to sleep. However, the Pit Bull mix was not having it. Peyton moved closer to Choni’s face, barking and growling more insistently. When Choni sat up, the dog darted out of the room, compelling her to follow.

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Choni found Peyton barking at a vent near the front door. At first, everything seemed normal until Choni caught the scent of something burning. Still, there was no smoke, and the front door was cool to the touch.
Choni decided to call the fire department to be on the safe side. They advised her to have everyone wait outside until they arrived. Upon inspection, firefighters discovered that the furnace wires located in the utility closet had caught fire. They arrived just in time to prevent a serious emergency.

“Who knows how the story would have ended if I did not have Peyton!” Choni said. “Truly my angel.”

Foster, Adoption & Innovative Shelter Programs Save Lives
Both Jack and Peyton have several traits that might make them unadoptable at some shelters. They have physical characteristics of Pit Bull-type dogs and mild behavioral quirks. Luckily, Gateway Pet Guardians offer the emotional, educational, and technical support pets and people need for successful fosters and adoptions.
Could your canine hero be at Gateway? Learn more about their fostering and adoption services. If you do not live near East Saint Louis, contact your local shelter to find a worthy pup in your community.
All Images Provided by Gateway Pet Guardians

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