Rugby Coach Jumps Into Canal To Rescue Elderly Husky

When police arrived to rescue a drowning dog in Tempe, Arizona, someone had already beat them to it. A rugby coach jumped in to save the dog on his own, despite not feeling confident in his swimming abilities. The dog was a senior Husky who had gotten herself into a tricky situation.
People are now calling the man a hero because his efforts saved the senior dog’s life. However, he insists that the rescue couldn’t have been completed without a team effort. So, it’s amazing that so many kind strangers were willing to work together to save a dog in danger.
Good Samaritan Risks His Safety
A group of cyclists stopped what they were doing when they saw an elderly Husky stranded in the Tempe Canal. The pup struggled to stay afloat, so the kind strangers knew they had to act fast. A rugby coach known as “Salty” Thompson is the one who hopped into the water without a second thought.
Before Thompson was into rugby, he loved to go fishing on the coast of Northern Ireland. For that reason, he earned the nickname “Salty Dog.” Yet, he admitted that the name was deceiving since he’s “not a very good swimmer.”
However, his poor swimming skills didn’t show when he hopped into the canal that day. He showed no fear as he paddled out to the Husky and helped pull her toward the shore. While Thompson was in the water, Tempe police arrived, so they quickly stepped up to help him.
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Police bodycam footage shows officers holding on tightly to Thompson’s arm as he pulls the dog to the shore. Thanks to the strength of both Thompson and the officers, the Husky made it safely out of the water. Many people have been thanking Thompson for his bravery, but he wants to make sure everyone involved is credited with the rescue.
“I coach teams, it was a team effort. There was no way of getting that dog out on my own,” Thompson said.
Senior Husky is Okay!
Lost our Home Pet Rescue took in the Husky, who they called “Shelly.” They said they would give Shelly’s family a week to claim her, and if no one came forward during that time, she would be put up for adoption after a health check. If she didn’t have a home, Thompson admitted that he’d be interested in adopting her.
Luckily, it didn’t take long for the pup’s family to see her online. They reached out within the same day, saying that the dog had somehow escaped that morning. The family also posted a comment to directly thank Thompson for what he did.
“Thank you very much. You saved our dog!!!!” Rob Robson, the dog’s owner, wrote. “She somehow (and I mean we can’t fathom how) snuck out this morning. Given her age, she is not exactly a speed walker. We didn’t notice she was gone until this afternoon. Please reach out to us because we would very much like to thank you for saving our girl.”
Now, the sweet senior dog is back at home where she can relax and be loved. Thompson is right, the rescue was a team effort. And everyone who helped save her was brave and determined, so they deserve to be recognized.
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