From Food & Toys To Pet Insurance, Here’s What You’ll Need When Preparing For A Puppy

Getting a puppy is one of life’s most joyful experiences, as it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will last for years to come. And whether you’re still preparing for puppy kisses or already getting covered up in them, bringing home a new fur baby means you’ve got a lot of decisions to make and a long shopping list to match. From the cutest toys to the best pet insurance plan, there are so many things a puppy needs in life!
In preparing for your little tyke, you’ve got to get the house puppy-ready, buy the essentials, and choose who will provide medical care to the puppy. You’ll also need to choose a pet insurance plan because financially protecting your puppy is another part of responsible dog parenting. And with PHI Direct, Canada’s first fluff-free pet health insurance, you’ll have the healthcare coverage covered!
Let’s check out what you’ll need to do before your puppy comes home.

Prepare Your Home for the New Arrival
Part of good dog care is puppy-proofing your home. And the best way to see hazards in your house is to get on the ground and think like a rambunctious fluff ball who wants to stick their snout in everything! You’ll quickly find the best spots for trouble from this viewpoint.
In short, be sure to gate off access to off-limits areas, pick up choking hazards, secure electrical cords, and move toxic plants. Make sure cabinets can’t be snooped in and put chemicals and cleansers well out of reach. To learn more about getting your home ready for a puppy, check out Before Getting A Dog Part II: Supplies To Buy & Preps To Make.
Buy All the Necessary Equipment to Spoil Your Puppy
Puppies need lots of stuff. First and foremost, they need nutritious food to help them grow and develop. Get some yummy treats to help train your puppy while you’re at it. Of course, you’ll want to put the food in an adorable and functional food bowl. And don’t forget the water dish!

Your little one also needs cozy beds and blankets for all those naps. If you’re going to crate train, have it ready so when your puppy comes home, they have a safe place to retreat if they feel overwhelmed. Then, there are the toys! Puppies need toys for chewing as well as stimulating the mind. You’ll probably go overboard buying toys for your pup, and that’s just fine as your sweet furry one won’t mind having a big toy chest.
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Add a collar or harness and a leash to your list, too. And because babies make messes, have pee pads at the ready. It’s probably a good idea to have shampoo for your dog on hand. Brushes for grooming and nail trimmers will also be needed to keep your puppy looking and feeling their best!
Choose Your Puppy’s Veterinary Care Team
If you already have furry ones at home, choosing a veterinarian for your new puppy is already done. But if you’re selecting a new veterinarian, be prepared to do some research. Choosing the right clinic can be an overwhelming decision, but with informed research and recommendations from sources you trust, making the right choice becomes much easier. For help finding the perfect fit for care, check out these 4 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog And You.

And remember, puppies need to see their vet several times over the first year for vaccination boosters, parasite prevention, and spay/neuter surgery. Once your puppy grows into a dog, you’ll be making trips to the vet on a semi-annual basis for checkups, vaccinations, and if your dog gets sick. As parents, we tend to worry when our fur babies are ill, so part of choosing a medical team involves finding a practice where you both feel safe and calm. While at the vet’s office, ask about recommendations for groomers and pet sitters to create a complete care team for your puppy.
Protect Your Puppy with Pet Insurance
Of the 70 million American homes with a dog, these families report spending an average of $1,344 on annual vet bills. If your dog experiences an emergency or the onset of a continuing condition, you could easily spend far more than that average. But when you purchase health insurance for your puppy when the little bundle joins the family, you’re getting ahead of the vet bills that are one day bound to come. And the puppies and dogs of Canada can find pet insurance without the fluff when their parents go direct with PHI Direct! 

PHI Direct gives families a chance to protect their furry loved ones with ‘Time-Limited Coverage’ plans that offer plenty of coverage at a reasonable rate. Plus, you don’t have to wade through endless and confusing options as PHI Direct offers two ways to go direct with their Direct 5 and Direct 10 plans.
Covering up to 80% of new and unexpected veterinary treatments due to accidents or illness, PHI Direct brings you low prices so you can avoid high vet bills. Get your quote today!
And remember, when you become a customer with PHI Direct, you’ll have the full-blown support of their team via phone, chat, and email. PHI Direct is only available in Canada.
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