OneTigris Metall k9 Harness – An Honest Review

Tactical harnesses are a growing sub-niche of dog harnesses, and the Metall K9 Harness is OneTigris’ new addition to that niche.

I’ve reviewed the OneTigris XDestroyer harness before, and it’s a really solid example of it’s kind, so, when OneTigris approached me to review this harness? I was obviously keen – and preliminary research into it suggested to me that it was going to be another really good example of a tactical harness.

So naturally I said I’d help out and give it a good, thorough testing!

What Is A Tactical Harness For Dogs?

Modelled after the military harnesses of the working K9’s, these harnesses are longer, contain more material (typically) to guard the body. Usuaully they have at least one handle for the ease of operation by the handler.

They’re designed primarily to protect your dog and for hard terrain. They often come with the flexibility to implement the MOLLE system often used in the military. This means you can quickly turn these harnesses into a backpack, or just carry their favourite toy.

This is a sponsored post, but my opinion is true and honest because you deserve nothing less

Introducing The OneTigris Metall Harness


Great Freedom of Movement


Three Points Of Attachment

Great Quality




Not Reflective

Non-functional tummy strap

In Detail

The OneTigris Metall harness is a tactical style harness, modelled after what the working k9’s use in the police and in the military. This harness has 5 buckles, four on the sides and one at the neck. The neck one is really important, because it means that this doesn’t have to be an over-the-head harness. Which is really helpful if your dog is sensitive to this.

The adjustments on the flanks are slide-glides made of plastic, and the neck adjustment is actually velcro! I love this as it allows for a lot of adjustment.

All the metal parts (The two back attachments, one chest attachment and all five of the buckles) are all stainless steel. This means that not only is it weatherproof, but it’s the single strongest material choice.

How It Works

OneTigris metall harness for dogs this tactical style harness has some wonderful metal buckles on the side – all the fixtures are stainless steel which is a great for reliability and strength

What I Love About The OneTigris Metall Harness

Stainless Steel Hardware.

From the two attachments on the back, the one attachment on the chest, and the 5 buckles around the harness, all of them are stainless steel.

The padded chest and back mean that there is minimal stress-bearing nylon in contact with your dog – which means that the chance of chaffing is minimum.

Freedom of Movement

The really wide shoulder opening is fantastic I love to see that Indie has a full range of movement in a tactical style harness, when others similar harnesses are designed to be quite restrictive.


Whilst I’m often conflicted about handles – this harness has two, one that goes the same way down the spine and one that goes perpendicular to that. The front one, the one that goes along the spine is my favourite though, it’s actually really soft and nice to the touch. I know this is meant to be a military style harness, and ‘comfort’ for the handler is not necessarily what you want to focus on, but in all honesty? I love it.


This harness is built to fit. With the exception of the chest plate, the harness is very adjustable, and easily fits all of my three so it’s definitely suited to the deep chested dog, which is great as that is a large part of their target audience.

It adjusts easily, and one of the things that I truly adore about this is that you can easily adjust the straps using the technique I’ve demonstrated in the reel below (with one of the OneTigris dog coats, actually!).

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The Price

Tactical harnesses vary from cheap to incredibly expensive. And the Metall k9 harness genuinely balances quality with price. It really doesn’t even yield much in the way of quality either. If I were to estimate it compared to the top of the range? It’s 95% of the way there and to be honest? that 5% is probably a little excessive for a dog that isn’t actually in the military.

Consequently? This may actually be the best tactical harness on the market.

There! I said it!

the Metall harness from OneTigris is really good for freedom of movement, see how much room there is around the shoulder?

What I Don’t Love

There’s no reflective-ness on the harness, which is a bit of a pain? But it’s in-keeping with the style of a tactical harness. So, no, truly not surprised.

The bigger one for me though, is that you could easily mistake this harness as being one of the “Tummy strap” harnesses, which may imply to owners that it’s one of the harnesses (like the Ruffwear Flagline) that cannot be escaped from. But because the tummy strap’s positioning, in front of your dogs floating rib instead of behind it, it may be more difficult to escape than, say, the Truelove harness, but it’s not a truly secure harness, sadly!

It’s also not really made for swimming. It doesn’t repel water, and instead rather absorbs it.

Who Needs The Metall Harness?

The Large Reactive Dog Parent Or Guardian

If you’re concerned about the strength of a harness? This one will categorically not yield on you. This is seriously strong, and stronger than all but one harness I’ve ever tried (the other one is horrendously expensive though). So, if you’re a reactive dog parent or guardian, then this will definitely give you the peace of mind you need.

Scentwork and Mantrailing

It’s really well set up for working in this way. The last point at the back is perfect for mantrailing where you’re encouraging your dog to lead the way (or to pull). and this harness will stand up to absolutely everything that trailing experience can challenge you for, whether that’s jagged rocks or water. This harness will handle it.

Strong Dogs Learning To Stop Pulling

Big dogs who pull put inordinate amounts of work on a harness. So, whilst you’re learning a loose leash and I strongly suggest you do learn it… this harness can help you learn and safely contain your incredibly strong dog that’s pulling the way.

the chest fixture on this harness is not adjustable, but it is based on a wide chest plate which is clearly strong!

Who the Metall’s Not For.

Small dogs

It is quite heavy, so for little woofs, you might want to look at a lighter constructed option, after all, they probably don’t need all the bells and whistles that this harness provides (like stainless steel hardware! No 20lbs dog needs stainless steel!)

Hot or Humid Climates

Due to the coverage on a normal tactical style harness, I wouldn’t really recommend this harness if you’re living in hot and humid climates. Whilst dogs sweat through their paws, and lose heat via their mouths, it’s not like this will prevent heat lost, it’s more that it can make it hotter for your dog I would suspect.

Do I Recommend The OneTigris Metall K9? 

Yep. As tactical harnesses go, this one is fantastic.

I said it up there, but I’ll say it again, this is currently the best tactical harness for dog owners (non-military). It gives the best balance of cost vs quality to my current experience. Honestly, there isn’t much I can fault with the harness. It’s wearing well, it adjusts easily, and it allows Indie a full range of motion throughout all of our walks and hikes together.

Indie is wearing a Large size of the OneTigris Metall k9 Harness – it’s easily available on Amazon and via their own website!

Not sure the Flagline is for you, or would you like to find the perfect leash to go with this? Why not go see our other reviews or check the Best Dog Harnesses to find it!

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Author, Ali Smith

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