Dog Dies After Being Cruelly Abandoned In Sweltering Texas Heat

It was Friday, May 13th, in Parker County, Texas, when authorities were called to investigate a case of animal cruelty. The day was swelteringly hot in the southern state, and temperatures had topped out at 102 degrees.
Neighbors noticed an extremely concerning set of circumstances happening next door and decided to call in reinforcements for help, resulting in both a tragedy and an arrest.
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When authorities arrived on scene, they were horrified to see that a poor, defenseless dog had been cruelly left in an atrocious set of circumstances. Not only was the poor pup abandoned and left alone outside while his careless owner left for the entire day, but she seemed to fail to consider the consequences of long-term exposure to dangerously high heat.

The poor pup was left alone outside and forced to remain in a small, fenced-in area that was littered with trash and surrounded by chicken wire. But, just to make sure that they remained in the boiling backyard, the poor pup was also tethered via cord to the fence. 
“We cannot stress enough that all animals need adequate shade, shelter, food and water. In the rising heat, make certain you provide proper care for your pets. Animal deaths by heat stroke can be prevented,” stated Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier.
As if being contained to a tiny area in the blistering heat wasn’t torturous enough, the dog’s owner failed to provide any kind of structure that offered any kind of shade or protection. There wasn’t even any food or water available for the unprotected pup to eat or drink. Neighbors reported to the authorities that the dog’s pants were so loud that the carrying sounds grabbed their attention from the inside of their home next door. 

Panting is how dogs eliminate excess heat and use the action to circulate cooler temperatures throughout their bodies. All of the sights and sounds were so concerning to the neighbors that they decided to call the authorities. But intervention arrived too late. When Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, the sweet pup had already suffered severe heatstroke and was pronounced deceased. 

The dog’s owner, 28-year-old Rachel Louise Langley, was arrested and taken into custody on May 19th. She was charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals by failure to provide food, water, care, or shelter and was taken to the Parker County Jail. A bond has yet to be set.
Featured Photo: Screenshot, CBS News
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