Ranger Saves Overheated Dog, Carrying Him Miles Down A Rocky Trail

The summer is really heating up! A group of hikers recently witnessed just how harmful the stifling temperatures can be for a dog. Thankfully, a strong and caring park ranger came to the rescue, carrying an overheated dog on his shoulders all the way down a mountain trail and saving his life.
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Group of Hiking Friends Came Upon a Struggling Dog and His Human Companion
Lexie Daniel and a group of friends hit the trails on the hills in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area. It was a brutally hot day, with temperatures in the 90’s. They came upon a man and his dog, who was obviously overheated and struggling.
They gladly offered their water supply to the dog but it wasn’t enough. The dog was very large and the man was terribly worried about his dog did not have the strength to carry him. The trail was several miles back down the hill. 
Image Lexie Daniel/Facebook
Park Service Was Called to the Scene
Everyone in the group was growing increasingly concerned for the dog. He was listless and struggling. Drinking water was not improving his condition. The park service had been called in to help.
It didn’t take long for Supervisory Park Ranger Kris Salapek to locate them on the trail on Mount Tammany. Without hesitation, he lifted the ailing dog over his shoulders and began the journey down.
The Hike Down Took About an Hour
Supervisory Park Ranger Kris Salapek hiked several miles for about an hour with the heavy and large dog cradled across his shoulders. Critically, he took the time necessary to enter a creek bed to wet down the overheated dog. 
Salapek laid the dog down in the water and wet his fur and mouth. This step could have made all the difference for the dog. Witnesses reported that the dog was visibly improved by the time the dog and his hero reached the parking lot below.
Image Lexie Daniel/Facebook
Medical Attention was Received and the Dog Recovered
The dog’s human hiked ahead of the rescuer. He was able to get to the car and have it ready and waiting to transport his dog to a veterinary clinic. Lexie was able to get ahold of the man later and was thrilled to hear that the dog had made a full recovery.
Lexie wrote on Facebook, “This is a HERO. We are so lucky to have rangers like this (who) put even animals before themselves. This ranger deserves insane recognition and a standing ovation for his bravery, selflessness, and strength.”
This story is a stark reminder of how dangerous hot temps can be for our furry friends. Thank goodness this strong, able park ranger was ready and willing to answer the call for help!

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Featured Image Lexie Daniel/Facebook
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