Sweet Cat Becomes Mother To Puppies After Losing All Her Own Kittens

In Melbourne, Australia, a loveable cat puts her motherly instincts to good use by co-parenting a litter of Cavalier King Charles/Poodle puppies. This breed of pups is fondly referred to as the Cavadoodle. The sweet-hearted grey Bengal kitty named Medina has taken on the challenges of puppy parenting following the devastating loss of her own litter.
Medina and her litter of adorable golden puppies were first discovered via a series of TikTok videos posted by her owner Chanelle. These videos have accumulated over one million views on TikTok, with cat-lovers everywhere begging for more footage of the unusual little family.
Chanelle explains that Medina lost her own litter of kittens on March 24th due to unforeseen medical complications. Three weeks after this heartbreaking loss, Medina began to show interest in the litter of Cavadoodle pups that Chanelle’s own dog had recently birthed.
Medina has developed an incredible bond with the puppies and is a wonderful secondary mom to the youngsters. She bathes them daily, supervises their playtime, and sleeps with them every single night in a comfy basket. Meanwhile, the puppies’ doggy mom enjoys snoozing in the human bed, very appreciative of what Chanelle calls a “well deserved” parenting break.
TikTok users are obsessed with Medina and her puppy litter. They have been flooding Chanelle’s comment sections and DM’s, begging for more videos of the unusual little family. Many have gone so far as to request specific types of videos, such as Medina grooming the puppies, footage of playtime, etc.
Many of Chanelle’s followers are using these videos as a chance to relay their own stories of unusual animal bonds:
“We had a dog that used to play nurse mom to the cat’s kittens. The cat would feed them up and leave, and the dog would climb in, clean them and cuddle up.” – Anonymous TikTok User
To make these heartwarming videos even sweeter, one of the tiny puppies is commonly seen staring down his siblings in the background of these videos while Medina primps them. This puppy, in particular, may be just a bit on the jealous side – he is constantly seen competing for his kitty mom’s attention.
One thing is for sure: the TikTok community has fallen head over heels for Medina.
“She’s taking one for the team and letting mama dog get some good sleep,” said one TikTok user, “Doesn’t matter what animal, a mother is a mother.”


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