True Love No-Pull Dog Harness – An Honest Review

Amazon is a wonderfully convenient place to pick up a dog harness, and True love is one of the most popular on the platform – especially seen as it’s called “No pull” and has a handle – but how does it actually function?

Harnesses are a great way to safely contain your pup, but it’s really important that these harnesses are secure and safe. That’s why I love to get my paws on the harness itself and give it a good, thorough testing.

I see the True love and the rabbitgoo harnesses are recommended a lot on facebook, for all sorts of dogs. Yet – any dealing I’ve ever had with them isn’t quite what I’d like… so… I kind of decided that I wanted to test it out and see if I could see what all the fuss was about!

I reached out to Truelove in order to discuss reviewing this product, and surprisingly I heard nothing back. So! I decided to review it, seen as it was a reasonable price.

This is not a sponsored post and this harness was bought by me because Truelove declined to respond.

Introducing The True Love No-Pull Harness




Two Points Of Attachment



Sizes small

Poor pattern/stitching

Aluminium fixture

Not robust

In Detail

This harness is a great example of an affordable harness that you can use every day. It’s got four points of adjustment and can be fitted with reasonable ease. They’re super easily available on amazon and it’s available in a whole bunch of colours too, which is great.

The main back attachment point is further forward than a lot of harnesses which is interesting to me and I’m not sure what benefit that might have, but as soon as I find out I will let you know.

How It Works

( image inbound )

Favourite Feature Of The True Love dog Harness

It has two points where you can attach a leash – and that’s great! Each point seems to be quite sturdy and well attached. They’re made from Aluminium, so they are lightweight (though not the strongest they can be).

What I Don’t Like About the Truelove Harness

It’s undeniably low quality. from the stitching, to the measurements, the harness isn’t symmetrical… and that to me? Is kind of the fundamental aspect of a harness. Build it right, make it symmetrical and as strong as possible.

So the fact that this harness compromises that, and then the fact that it doesn’t seem to scale correctly for larger dogs – to me, you just give it a miss.

Who Needs The Truelove Harness?

‘Average’ chested dogs

For normal dimensioned, or medium sized and smaller, this may work. I’m thinking spaniels, terriers, collies etc.

Those Prioritising Affordability

If you need a cheap or affordable harness, this one may just work for you! It delivers quickly because of it being on amazon, and the price is really reasonable and can definitely help you to bridge the gap between now and then.

Short term harness users

I’m not sure who this would be, but if you just need a harness for a little while, and you’re not planning on using it often, or for long, this may work for you (depending on breed) but this will be limited by your dogs breed.

Puppy Parents

It can work for growing dogs as its got both attachment points (front and back) allowing you to teach a wonderful Loose Leash, but a puppy won’t really exert the same amount of pressure on this harness as many other full grown dogs, and your puppy will probably out grow it before the lack of longevity becomes an issue.

So, this harness is a really well priced, but I think as a result it compromises a whole lot – but here the important part of this image? Is that the harness runs small. So, if your dog is anywhere near the sizing boundaries of the Truelove harness, go up a size, especially if they’re deep chested.

Who the True Love’s Not For.

People who want a long lasting harness. I’ve seen these harnesses almost collapse under strenuous loads. And that’s not even just saying that a 90lbs labrador pulling doesn’t suit it – even a cavalier can destroy this if they are a constant puller.

Large dog owners, Rough players or bush rummagers just won’t get any sort of longevity out of this. It’s not really made to last, and it’s not really made to stand up to a tough dog who does dog stuff, which is kind of sad in my opinion. Whilst we couldn’t test this that much due to the poor fit – but I have had proxy experience with clients and they don’t seem to last long on an active dog.

Parents of Barrell chested dogs – if your dog is deep-chested (so, for example, a shepherd, or a hound… or even other breeds like weimeraners or dobermans), this harness runs a lot smaller than it’s measurements, which really disappoints me, and you can see in the picture above – it fits around the chest – but because the front ‘chest plate’ is short, it drags the strap up under Indie’s armpits, which isn’t comfortable for long term use.

Tripawds or other dogs unusually shaped – because of the stitching issue and the lack of symmetry, this harness isn’t one I would recommend for your dog. Your dog is a dog who is likely already struggling with balance or with their alignment, so having a harness that is innately unbalanced seems like a fantastic way to cause more issues than it solves.

Do I Recommend The Truelove No-Pull? 

Not really. I mean the True love harness may be good if budget is an issue, then maybe because I think it is the best at this price point – however – for even $10-15 you can get a much better harness. So, for me, I would really prioritise picking the right harness just once, because this one even has a high likelihood of breaking over time

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Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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