Top Veterinarian Social Media Accounts to Follow

There’s no shortage of adorable animal content on the internet, but did you know that there are vet social media accounts that pair these adorable animals with educational content? We’ve rounded up seven of our favorite vet social media accounts that we think all pet parents should follow. Whether you’re interested in household pets or wild animals, there’s an account on this list you’ll love.


Dr. Aziza Glass, our very own Freshpet vet, uses her Instagram to show snippets of her life as a veterinarian. Whether she’s sharing top tips for new pet parents or discussing all things dental health, you can expect to learn something new with every post. Dr. Azizia also loves to engage with her community and is quick to respond to comments from curious pet parents who want to know more about the content she shares. Recently, she has also been heading to Instagram to share the work she did on Roman to the Rescue, a new show by The Dodo on DisneyNOW, Disney XD and Hulu!

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Dr. ​​Sylvalyn Hammond, also known as @thehonestvet, is a small
animal veterinarian based in South Carolina. She started her Instagram account
in 2020 to educate the public on the world of veterinary medicine and since has
become popular for her humorous and educational content. Her visual content is
great, but it’s the captions where she goes the extra mile. The videos focus on
the short, sharable highlights of the topic but for each caption, she does a
deep dive on the topic to ensure that viewers have accurate and detailed

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Dr. Vernard Hodges cares for animals of all shapes, sizes, and
species at his practice in Georgia. He also happens to be one of the two
practising vets on National Geographic’s “Critter Fixer Country
Vets”! Dr. Hodges is passionate about inspiring the next generation of
veterinarians and uses his Instagram as a platform to do so, sharing sneak
peeks of upcoming episodes of his show as well as interesting cases he sees in
his clinic – think French Bulldog c-sections and surgery to unblock a chicken’s

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Dr. Lindsay Butzer is a small animal vet based in Florida. In
her videos, she answers top questions she gets at her practice – such as how
much should a puppy be pooping – as well as fun facts and general veterinary
information pet parents may be interested in knowing. While all of her content
is amazing, our favorite videos are the ones on specific breeds of cats and
dogs, featuring patients from her clinic!

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Ellen Carozza, also known as The Cat LVT, has been a licensed
veterinary technician for more than 25 years – the majority of which has been
spent at NOVA Cat Clinic. The goal of her social media accounts is twofold:

Goal 1: Teach people just what
a veterinary technician is capable of and what their day-to-day work involvesGoal 2: Show that age should
never be a factor when it comes to a cat’s ability to access veterinary care.

Ellen’s clinic has patients of all ages but over the last
decade, they have started to work with complicated neonatal cases that would
have been euthanized elsewhere. She even started the Chris Griffey Memorial
Feline Foundation to further the resources her clinic has to help at-risk
foster kittens with veterinary and adoption services.

On her accounts, you can learn more about the largely unknown
world of neonate kitten medicine as well as follow along her journey of caring
for the tiny patients the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation supports.

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Dr. Evan Antin is an exotic, small, and wildlife vet based in
Colorado. You may recognize him from the popular Animal Planet TV show, Evan
Goes Wild, but he has also made a name for himself through his social media
accounts thanks to his entertaining content. Followers can expect a good mix of
trivia and educational content about exotic species big and small, as well as
adorable videos of animals he sees inside and outside of his practice.

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These vet social media accounts are great resources for general
veterinary medicine content but if you have any specific questions or concerns
about your pet’s health, you should always schedule an appointment with your
own veterinary team.
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